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20 Cape Jasmine Seeds


It likes the warm and humid and sunny environment, more cold resistance, half shade, fearing water require loose, fertile and acidic sandy loam. Common cuttings and layering. Cuttings, shoots in the rainy season with a 15-meter long, inserted in the seedbed, 10-12 born root. Layering, April biennial selected branches, 20-25 cm long, and burying in the soil, kept moist, about 30 days rooted, separated from the mother plant and the summer, planted next spring equinox. Transplant seedlings or potted plants in spring as well, in the rainy seasons, the need to bring the soil ball. Keep the soil moist growing season, flowering and summer to be watering. Fertilize once a month, before flowering Adding P and K 1 times. The following year early spring pruning, and promptly cut off the dead branches and leggy branches. Pest Often occurs leaf spot and yellows, leaf spot with 65% Zineb WP 600 times spraying, watering regularly added 0.1% ferrous sulfate solution yellowing disease prevention. There slug pests, scale insects and whiteflies hazards, with 2.5% Deltamethrin EC 3000 times Pensha slug, with 40% omethoate EC 1500 times Pensha scale insects and whiteflies. Gardenia leaves evergreen, fragrant flowers elegant, leafy white flowers, particularly elegant and lovely. It is suitable for pre-order, poolside and street configuration, also used as ornamental plants and flowers fence, flowers and flower arrangements can be done wearing decorative

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