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30 pcs/bag Brachycome Flower Seeds


Colored chrysanthemum suitable for afforestation, potted plants, cultivation easy, simple to manage, like more loose sandy loam, requires little water and fertilizer, suitable for planting around the South and North. Brilliant flowering variety, neat and compact plant type, plant height is about 25CM, long flowering time Characteristics: Annuals. Height of about 20cm, more branches, leaves alternate, hairy, narrowly lanceolate; capitulum, diameter of about 2.5cm, the larger ray florets, blue, white base, aroma, flowering from July to September. Sowing Method: Germination temperature for 18-20 „ƒ, 3 – 4 sowing indoors or live in the end of April in the open field, nursery substrate need soft, breathable, coated sand about 0.1cm, 5 ~ 7 days of emergence after sowing. Daizai 12 to 13 weeks of flowering, potted flowering 14 to 15 weeks, rich colors. Pouring water every two days, when the stems grow to five centimeters, can put clay decoration. A pot of about five. Seeds small, no cover Colored chrysanthemum suitable for flower beds edge, can also be made flower, cut flowers, easy cultivation, management, osteoporosis, hi more loose sandy loam, requires little water and fertilizer, suitable for planting in South and North, brilliant flowering variety, neat and compact plant type , plant height of about 30 ~ 45CM, long flowering time.

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