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50 Dionaea Muscipula Seeds


How to grow: Potted Dionaea Muscipula can be used to watch with sunny windowsill and balcony, you can specialize in planting trough culture; Dionaea Muscipula known as the nature of carnivorous plants. Dionaea Muscipula seed planting steps following description: 1, ready for planting in pots: after the matrix on the left to fill pots have pure water aquarium or basin species, the matrix suction to the surface moist, and then spray bottle to wet the surface (mist spray) . 2, planting: seed package carefully open the Dionaea Muscipula , the Dionaea Muscipula seed spread evenly in the matrix surface, covered with potting three centimeters. 3, water: wet the surface with a spray bottle (mist spray), spray carefully to avoid Dionaea Muscipula seeds are washed away. 4, cultivate: the sowing good seeds in pots Dionaea Muscipula basin together along with the aquarium or on the inside of the sunny windowsill, if the basin, should be added to the top opening of the plastic cover moisture. Pay attention to timely pay, generally about 10 days to germinate. 5, Seedling: When the seedlings grow to be 2-3 true leaves Dionaea Muscipula portable. Dionaea Muscipula sensitive to water quality, mineral content water requires the use of low water (such as rain water, pure water, etc.); summer temperatures easily rotten stems, good ventilation environment, the roots cool, good lighting, a large temperature difference between day and night They have helped reduce the incidence of disease; Product Introduction: Dionaea is a rere interesting insectivorous plant ( cctv & ldquo . man and nature & rdquo . program had presents ) , world softheartedness arboretum , and plant lovers all cultivated , arboretum beijing , available for tourists . Dionaea , agriantibiotic , perennation herbal , the parasitical leaf rosulate , leaf 8 or less buddhistan , flat petioles , blade circle , along midvein closing , edge for sharp hard , insect when into a post , foliar and margins glandular hairs produce induction sports , blade rapid close and produce mucus , will be its alimentary after . cymose inflorescences , upright , petals 5 , white . flowering period summer . piti warm , wettish . perennially high humidity . summer need shade-giving , often water-jet , pallet keep 3 cm deep water . overwintering temperature 10 – 18 degree . dionaea phyllome pygmyism , fun animalium high , general small bonsai for indoor ornamental . its in no turned family cultivation , blade also utilise chlorophyll photosynthesise supply own nutrition , also available a small amount of pork provisionization . dionaea ranunculaceae dionaea genus , perennation agriantibiotic hrebaceous 15 – 35 temperature the overwintering 10-20 plant height 5-15cm seeds ornamental.

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