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50PCS Mozzie Buster Sweetgrass Seeds


Ornamental value: Mozzie buster can model for bonsai, like beautiful flowers,both repellent, and ornamental. In the office, bedroom, place of business(especially hotel, hotel (room) especially for 1 – 2 pots can); drive midge grass perennial distributing the lemon flavor, fragrant, fresh air, safe mosquito repellent. Apartment community, also can be cultivated in large scale, building green belt water repellent, especially community. Mosquito repellent grass value: fusion of Geranium plants and aromatic substances containing citronellal plant. Under normal circumstances, the plants through photosynthesis, volatilization of odor molecules in our bodies,has a prominent effect of repelling insects. How to Grow   Mozzie buster aka M. buster, is a perennial evergreen herb with a strong vitality. Stem tip juicy, leaves alternate, margin blunt sawtooth waveform, glossy. Pelargonium in the south, north and interior courtyards family can be cultivated, the North may be protected or indoor cultivation in winter, for year-round cultivation in a home or hotel. Also be planted.   Mozzie buster: a blend of geranium Mozzie buster and flavoring substances containing citronella plant. Geranium plants are plants having a volatile nature, under normal circumstances, the plant through photosynthesis, volatilization out its odor molecules in the body. The citronella mosquito repellent to avoid insect itself has a prominent effect, in many insect repellent products are mostly such substances at work. Fusion of two or more scented plant is through a volatile geranium has the characteristics of Hong molecular substance Citronellal consequent distribution. Reach mosquito repellent, clean air, environmental characteristics very prominent.   Mozzie buster: Within survive temperatures around (1-40 degree ), the higher the temperature, the more their volatile fragrant molecules, the large population of mosquitoes in summer, the temperature is the highest stage, Mozzie buster at this time Hong molecule concentration is also a peak period. Odoriferous is a fresh and elegant scent of lemon. 3 months to grMozzie busterow to maturity, growing to six months to a year and a half after the main branch of the progressive-wood, growing foliage shape can artificially arbitrarily changed, with high ornamental value.

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